A Song for Camille

And to think …
in this endless place
from cell to space
spinning on an axis of endless love
that we have the audacity to somehow think … we were not enough.
She whose intentions float forth like pollen
impregnating the garden
sorrowful; heart harden
that soil and sun take so long to give back her harvest

But the wind whispers Mary …
and it carries
her Hendrix
& purple haze
an appendix
of the chapters her former life made
she does not dictionary … nor define each page
rather she
graphs ..maths graffiti
and Hieroglyphs Nefertiti … and lets others do the reading
so that they might lean on their OWN understanding.

So demanding is life
that we purposefully self-identify: Insufficient
in order to whip ourselves to slave the distance.
Your soul’s resistance
is your spirit’s cry for freedom.
All we THINK … we become
so therefor let us sing MORE THAN sufficient
Our song is abundance
Our song IS the distance …
Our DANCE crosses the divide.