LEGEND: For Those We've Lost along the Way

They say you die twice.
Once when you stop breathing, and again when your name is spoke for the last time.
All we are
and all we once were, then ...
let it become legend.
Let us speak of one another as though our trials and triumphs were are Herod and Hercules.
Let our day to day be Xerxes
as we Spartan through our mundane,
and let every small act of kindness bare another's name
as we press forward pioneering Lewis & Clark
into an uncharted unknown ...
whisper of our forefathers and mothers as though the rocking chair were a throne
and every pillow fort was a castle
Let every smile hello be "once upon a time" ... the kiss goodbye "happily ever after"
because after all ...
what we recall ...
how we tell it
and the mastery of our lessons
is how we each truly become LEGEND.
Therefore; let folklore
evade even death
let the story BEGIN with the last breath.