Dear Daddy

When I was a little girl one of my favorite things was making newspaper kites with my daddy. We’d eat all the popsicles (I loved the root beer flavor) and glue the popsicle sticks together. 

Then we would use the funny papers, but we always saved the Garfield comic strip for later. 

We would tie that thing to some fishing line 
and he’d say “you think you can make it fly?” 

I never wanted to throw the kites away. But he explained

“If you don’t throw it, you don’t get to make new ones.”

Years after his passing, I am moving his mother out of her home.

For those of you who know our family, you know this house has been a source of great pain for us for many years. For those who just happen upon my blog, I will simply say ... the house was cursed, and it ruined whomever chose to stay there. 

In attempting to transition my grandmother, she seems to be desperately grasping at her "things".
I am trying to be sensitive to the fact that she is being removed from her home, and her memories of a life with her only son ... no matter how painful those memories might be. 

At first I protested against what felt like ridiculousness. 
Then I acquiesce, who am I to say what small things might bring her comfort in a new place. 

She watches with a careful eye as I haul five 10 gallon hefty bags of yarn to the moving truck, and another 3 bags of her hand knit sweaters. 

"I need them" she says.
"Okay Grandma."
As always, I do what I am told.

* * *

After having all her belongings treated, I hung each sweater, each article of clothing, filed each seemingly unimportant document all where they could be easily seen. I hung pictures of her friends and family throughout her home, and decorated in her favorite color - lavender. 

Dear Daddy,
I did my best. 

I am grateful for this test, because it lets me know exactly what I DON'T want for my son. 

I hope to have all my affairs in order, so that when I leave this earth - the work is done. 

I hope I always remember to
Eliminate the “stuff”
Keep the memories...
make new ones.

Enjoy something sweet,
keep what makes you laugh...
tie some fishing line around what’s left & make it fly.