Consummate voyeur, professional people watcher, I am a student of humanity. 
Vanity not withstanding,
I see myself in others and from therein empathy is blooming.

I pause my busy buzzing, and perch myself unassuming. 
Whether sitting alone in a crowded bar, or far from the naked eye behind a glowing screen, 
you are seen by my keen and inquisitive eye. 

"I ...
 walk around wanderin', wondering, pondering ... life like this" 

What do kisses feel like on the other side of your lips? 
Is pain truly relative, do you hurt like this?
Does sorrow wash over you and burn your nostrils, sitting heavy on your chest?
Do you recognize your child's breath & the smell of their head ...
just as it was when they were small. 

The wonder of it all.
The solitude of it all, as I realize I am insignificantly small
nothing more than a grain of sand on the ocean floor,
tempest tossed by a raging sea ...
hoping something makes a pearl of me.