Welcome recipient of unwarranted wrath,
heed before you step on my path.
There is a violence within me brimming beneath the surface
pressure cooked pain; some happenstance ... some purposed
some  seasoned with poison and saved specifically for you,
most of it will be difficult to chew.
I hope you choke,
I hope all my truth gets caught in your throat
I hope
the salt of my tears tastes like turpentine
and before you suffocate, at  just the right time
I'd rush to your side |  saving you before you gasp for your last breath
just to remind you how love's line | is a fine intersection between life & death.

Don't bother coming in.
Believe me when I say I hope to never see you again.
I don't want to be reminded of the smell of your skin,
the curve of your jaw,
or the gap between your teeth where I would hide all my awe
and admiration.
I need no indication | of all the secret spaces
where I wrote my name on your skin and hid myself within your hair,
if I were to lay eyes upon your terrain I'd know someone else had been there.
Like new flags planted firmly in the face of the moon,
I am but the crater cataloging previous doom.

I should have never accepted your call.
When you asked if it was ok, I should have replied "muthafuka not at ALL"
I was scabbing over nicely, although the scar was jagged
I was finally healing to a point where I believed that I could manage.
The blood on my lips tastes like a mouth full of pennies
everybody has their two cents, six pence ... or plenty.
Empty, I'm fresh out of tolerance
grace recklessly wasted
and after all these years you wanna come in my face with
"I hope you're not bitter"
what an audacious thing to say
to the well, when you poison the water and walk away.

I guess so long and you and yours don't have to drink it,
then an exxon oil spill doesn't seem so inconvenient.

How proverbial
How ironic
How completely cliche,
that every "Hello" will now instinctual invoke "Go Away" ...