The Tea Ceremony

When slowing down to reflect, I find myself quieting to the lowest common denominator. Meditation has never been easy for me, so I find my peace in focusing on grace in the smallest tasks. Making the bed, ironing my clothes, running; everything has it's own rhythm and I am trying to be quiet enough to hear the music.

I have recently left a world of "what I know" behind, and I am learning to be alone with the world I am in now. I have stripped myself of my career and most of my worldly possessions to start a new. Where there is a rock bottom, it is easier to polish each stone; this is my Tea Ceremony.

Hummingbird has always been my preferred speed.
It's a lot easier to neglect yourself and what you need when you are far to busy to be broken. Productivity is a such a sweet distraction. Actions with wild, flailing, strokes ... I slow my wings, and force myself to float.

Right now, I am not interested in arguing. Disinterested in the dramatic, nor am I intrigued by ambition. I just want to listen to the sound of my own rhythm while making the menial sound like music.