The Epiphany of an Asshole

The Epiphany of an Asshole

There are moments in life when clarity is so crisp
that the sharpness of thought leaves paper cuts on the corners of your mind.
Logic like lemon juice, all you once thought you knew
stings a little when you clearly see all you truly are for exactly what it is.
This revelation; what a painful gift.

This morning I am being honest with myself.
I have received  more than I have given.

I have been loved, more than I have loved others.

What less than wonderful wind song;
the breeze of id blown through the broken hole of insecurity, and depravity.
The bent note plays in the key of self-righteous.
We all have become so amused – by the sound of life out of tune
that we can barely recognize bad music when we hear it.
We ignore all the lyrics,
for the sake of a bangin’ base line – treble: a troubled pace - I’m
dancing to the beat of myself two paces faster than fury.

There is a moment
when the music stops,
and your ears continue to ring …
so deafening
and you cannot hear your own voice, let alone understand your thoughts
but your heart bangs - beating you a morse code of “ah ha”

and realize
you were wrong all along.