Farewell Sweet Julie

It is with an astonished and heavy heart that we are saying goodbye to our beloved Godmother Julie, who we lost this past weekend.
I keep trying to unpack & process this devastating unexpectedness. I fall short of adequate words to express & and all that’s left is ...
I’m so damn grateful to have been loved by you.

It is a rare and wonderful gift to have someone love you your entire life. Being able to have a relationship with you as an adult made me feel so much closer to my mother. It was clear why she chose you as her best friend.
Your authentic character and spit fire grit helped me better understand who she was. Being with you always made me feel closer to home.

I believe when we leave, our LEGACY is the LOVE that is left on the path.
Everyone you touched walked away loved.
You were a light of LOVE & KINDNESS burning brightly;
surely the world dims at your departure.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is ...
I’m sure going to miss you.

And, THANK YOU for loving us.... especially when we needed it most.
We are all better people because you did.

It may seem a lofty notion,
but I’m hoping wherever we go when our soul is done having it’s earthly experience ...
that just maybe mom was waiting for you on the other side.