As a GIVER in a world of TAKERS - I often come to a place where anger overwhelms me. So tired of those who take advantage, I get resentful & reclusive. "I'll just keep this love to myself then."
But, the universe always seems to know what I need when I need it. Whenever I am ready to "Discontinue Kindness" someone will come forward and let me know ... the world NEEDS kindness. When I was a girl, younger than my son is now, I worked at The Alaska Club, Nino would be in the day care while I worked the front desk. I really loved my job and being the first person people saw when they started their day. I would greet them at the front desk, make their coffee & smoothies and send them off on their day with a smile. I never thought twice about it.
Today, spiteful with the strife of my life - fully prepared to say "fuck this world" and vanish (as I often do around the Holidays) I got a message from Noel Rea.
As you'll see in the picture ... that PAPER CUP is almost 20 years old. Incredible.
I am reminded that kindness MATTERS.Kindness REQUIRES courage. It is BRAVER than being mean ... because it demands your investment and vulnerability. You simply NEVER KNOW who or HOW small acts of GOOD effect people. Noel Rea Thank YOU for your KINDNESS, and taking the time to confirm me. Maybe you will also smile to know ... My son begins work at The Alaska Club this weekend.