Televise The Revolution

On Police Over Reach & Public Execution 

1 - injustice anywhere is a threat to justice EVERYWHERE- Dr. Martin Luther King

If you are sitting somewhere comfortable in your skin,
watching the re-run of this reality show where police murder women & men.
If you are UN BOTHERED; afforded the LUXURY of indifference;
You are a part of the problem ... Silence is COMPLICIT.

2 - Systemic injustice REQUIRES Systemic SOLUTIONS.
An oppressive force
will set forth
to disarm its greatest threat.
That being said
those made to be a cog in the industrial prison complex
are stripped of two things:
The right to bear arms and the right to vote.
This denotes
the clear and present path to dismantle said system.
If the criminal injustice system is an extended branch of the government, government can & should be used to demand reform.

3 - Know the root.
To this day ... the 13th amendment of the Constitution permits slavery as punishment to crime.
Mass incarceration; America's prison system holds more than 2.3 million people.
A veritable work force, enslaved by unjust sentences
and entrapment
of at risk / demographics.
Tactics; the obvious logic that "at risk" scenarios are manufactured,
in order to fill  prisons ... like factories
conveyor belts of humans bound to obligation, 
stripped of emancipation
legalized enslavement.
So don't be amazed when
the penal system empowers it employees with the privilege of deadly force
with the promise of absolution without remorse,
protected by the umbrella of the law they were sworn to uphold
The brutality of the police is millennia old

it's the cameras that are new.

4- The revolution WILL be televised.
The revolution will be tweeted.
It will be hashtagged & grammed
spammed & go viral
crammed into your newsfeed, replacing the trivial with the vital
Until every timeline no longer sidelines injustice
Until Congress is forced to adjust its compass
Until the collective of voices is a cacophony of disaccord
Where the price of FREEDOM is more than any of us can afford
Let the uproar trend so loud it cannot be ignored
causing media outlets to report and citizens to mobilize
calling to accountability elected officials and how our taxes are utilized
forcing their positions in office to call for Constitutional reform
Until the hashtag litany of lives lost is no longer the norm

form an allegiance
mobilize your grievance
force the powers that be with
a chorus of disobedience
until the walls of Jericho crumble at what is sung
Televise the Revolution ... until it the CHANGE comes.