How Sad

... and in text he tells me he is incapable of emotion.

I stare at the message
rejection deflected
I did my best to / be a good friend and
not take this personal.

Rather ...
tarried over the matter of an emotionless generation,
in a time where callous and cruel is celebrated
and God forbid ... "FEELINGS"
... are crucified,
and people are only propelled by their appetite,
unwilling to be satisfied
blindly failing to realize

is a feeling too.

So hurt in spirit, so lead astray
to BELIEVE denying yourself your emotion is BRAVE
to which I should openly say
"this isn't a clear demonstration of strength ...
honestly if you hate your care and compassion
it's a pretty good chance that
you are actually AFRAID of it's consequence."

and consequently ...  in truth
that FEAR is an emotion too.

But the mother in me knew / not a single word I could say would undo
the prideful knot & noose of EGO.

My own ego not withstanding,
narcissism commanding,
I ALLOW myself MY emotions

and spitefully reply

"How Sad."