Origami Woman

i spun word play like road maps
vebal blue print justifications
tried to
grid myself into
measurable portion
a recipe of a woman ... that can be loved forever
blue print me self sufficient; stable
tree tunk maple
oak - sycamore
blue print me ... cypress.

3rd eye iris
forced shut by spread sheets
and bottoms lines ... budgets don't birth the best lovers
the bottom line
is for the life time love that is slow and steady and unasuming in her rooting
branches sturdy
and fig
and shade
and promises made

and excited i - spun word play
like road maps
orgimi'd myself to look all cypress
and sturdy
and surely
she saw me paper

i awaited
a response
and she said

"baby ...what are you doing?"

i am an origami creature
who believes her
until the sound of the tear makes her wake
i am
examining my form
and the holes being torn
i unfold and lay flat
"blue print recipe road map woman ...
where are you headin'
who you pretendin to be
this time?"

i reply
"i don't know" with downcast eyes
shall i

scissor myself snow flake so you can see thru me?
paperdoll me precious, or cut til im confetti
let me
try to be tree
let me try to down root
let me - cypress - let me sycamore ... let me prove
that paper girls
who tear like tissue who love like rain
can STILL be forever enough to not disinegrate ...
fold me into forever whatever FOREVER looks like

. . .

thru crying eyes she helps me realize
the cypress will never fly
am paper plane - i am tree skin - i am crane
i am
an oragami woman.