ithaca awaits

one step closer to normal ... a half an inch closer to relief

one breath away from exhale ... one prayer near belief

peace in all the small places

it's quiet when no one's awake

I’m organizing some spaces ... to make some room on my plate

I’m looking at myself in the mirror ... telling myself I’m ok

the reflection is getting clearing ... when the fog of my breath dissipates

I relate to all the wrong songs

the melody of melancholy is seductive

like the sirens of the odyssey ... i am enchanted but reluctant

my Ithaca is waiting ... happiness is on the horizon

sailor silence thy sorrow, quiet your vile and violence

find true north in your constellation ... star gazin' towards your destination

your exhale is the wind of your sail ... peace is found in patience

be grateful for the struggle ... the odyssey is what you make it

you are one step closer to home ... Ithaca is waiting.